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Hey guys, long time no see eh?

After a few weeks of deliberation, I’ve come to the decision to shut down this blog temporarily until I either have more material, or until I get the momentum going.

I’ve realized that I’ve been translating lyrics mostly these days,
and I really enjoy translating lyrics, there’s something poetic about doing it that’s different from translating news articles. And I want to give you guys good translations that help you understand the songs as well as I can in Korean.

So I’ve decided to instead open up a blog dedicated to translating lyrics, not just of TVXQ/JYJ, but of any and every K-pop song.

The new blog is here
If you would like to take a look around and submit requests for translations, please feel free to do so :)

I’ll let you all know when this site comes back up, but till then, I’ll be translating on and

Please know that this doesn’t mean that I’ve losing faith or something,
I’m just redirecting my focus because of the lack of material :P

See y’all sometime in the near future!
-Much love, Jee

One of my favorite photos of them♥

Just before we begin, I want to say that whatever is being written here is my own personal opinion. I don’t believe in the existence of a ‘true’ fan, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on what it means to be a fan, and this is mine.


I’m sure you’ve seen about a hundred of posts like this one floating around. What it means to be a fan, what it means to be ot5 etc. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all since I think some of you may be curious as to what exactly goes on in this noggin of mine.

To me, what’s most important about being a fan is respect and knowing (and accepting) what your limits are. Respect refers to respect for the singers (or actors or whatever floats your boat) as well as respect for other fans. Knowing your limits has more to do with sasaengs or sasaeng-like behavior.

Respect is very important for me. I don’t give people my respect unless they’ve earned it and once someone’s gained it, I will treat them the way they should be treated. When I say ‘respect for the singers’, I’m talking about respecting their opinions and their decisions in life. Whatever decisions they make, whether to smoke or drink excessively or even not file a lawsuit against SM, it’s their life, it’s their choices. Yes, we can advise them not to do something because of health issues or whatever else, but seriously, we have no right to get hacked off because they did something that goes against what we think is right. Because it’s their lives and they should be in command of what they do.

Do I think Yunho and Changmin are cowardly traitors who are controlled by SM like puppets and were filled with too much greed for money that they didn’t risk following JYJ? No, of course not. I think they’re individuals who just believed that filing a lawsuit wasn’t the best option for them and decided to follow their own gut on the issue. Do I think JYJ are traitors who betrayed SM and their two members because of money from a cosmetics business? No. I think they truly wanted to find independence and believed a lawsuit was really the best way to get it. I think both sides are truly brave for making a decision and standing by it.

What food they eat, who they date or marry, what music they choose to sing is totally up to them. Yes, I’ll be sad the day I send those kids off to their life partners but as long as they’re happy, I’m happy.

That’s really the mindset I try to follow as a fan. As an individual, I strive for my own happiness. But as a fan, I put the five members’ happiness above my own. I am willing to respect the decisions they make, as long as it makes them happy. If, by any chance, disbandment is what will make them happy, then I am willing to support their decision, though I might go and cry myself to sleep for a while.

The other side of this respect is respect for my fellow fans. I don’t discriminate against JYJ fans/HoMin fans/OT5 fans/individual fans UNLESS they say smack about any of the members. You can like someone and not have to bash someone else because of it. I believe in respecting the different perspectives of other fans and their preferences as well. I really don’t like Tri-angle or Free Your Mind, but just because someone else does, doesn’t mean I’ll hate on them. Hating on people for no reason other than the fact that they don’t agree with everything you say is quite frankly, pretty stupid. Trust me, bigotry never does anyone good in his or her life.

Also, I don’t believe in the harm of poking fun at the members every now and then. I call Yoochun a seaweed monster, but do I really think of him as this gruesome monster from the sea? Nope, he’s still my little Chunnie-bunny who makes me smile. I’ve called all five of them some odd names or I poke fun at their Engrish, but I know where to draw the line. Like, I would never joke about any of them being traitors, that’s where the line is drawn. (Just saying, some of y’all need to calm down sometimes and take it easy when people like me do this.)

The second and shorter part is knowing your boundaries and respecting them. Let me just start off by saying that I have no respect for sasaengs, I don’t even consider them as ‘fans’ (You have no right to be prodding through the members’ phone records or following them around in taxis or standing in front of their houses. They’re people just like us, so treat them with at least a shred of respect.). We are fans and that’s all we are. We’re there to support them, we’re there to buy their merchandise, we’re there to protect them. We are not there to interfere in their personal lives or follow their every move. Neither are we there to send them inappropriate tweets or photos or verbally assault them.

Most importantly, my definition of being an ‘all fan’ is this: I support Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin and Kim Junsu more than I support TVXQ.

Yes, I would love for them to get back together and make us beautiful music again. But right now, that’s not possible so I support them as JYJ and TVXQ as I cherish their memories as five. It’s not impossible for us to accept the present for what it is but still hold on to the past and cherish it. That doesn’t make me delusional and it doesn’t make me a person in denial. It makes me a person who is strong enough to stand my ground as a fan who remembers and a fan who refuses to take sides in this so-called war.

If five individual paths (or even just two) is what lays ahead, then I’ll keep watching over all of them, because their individual dreams are so much more important than our aspirations for them as a five-membered group.

I always find myself wondering, if the lawsuit had never happened, where would we all be now? Sixth album? Seventh album? Dome tour? World domination? But the real question is, would they be truly happy?

P.S. Food for thought (I’ve tweeted this before): If you feel betrayed by two or three (or even all five of them), what do you think it feels like to be betrayed by 800,000? Put yourselves in their shoes for once and see if that word ‘betray’ comes as easily as it once did.


I’d be happy to hear your own definitions of being a fan through comments. But please, no fighting, respect everyone else’s opinions for what they are.

Here on quite a serious note, and it’s with regards to the hacking incident last night that caused Junsu to delete or ‘deactivate’ his Twitter account.

Most of what I’m posting here is based on the translations I do (some from the Twitter post on here), my knowledge of Korean and its insinuations (which is pretty decent in my opinion since you know.. it IS my first language and I’ve been speaking it on a daily basis since I started talking all those years ago) as well as watching Twitter like a hawk last night till 4am because I decided it would be wise to put my body through torture by consuming a tall Starbucks toffee nut latte in the afternoon (for those of you who don’t understand why this is bad, I’ve had about four or five cups of coffee in my life and my body is extremely sensitive to it).

Yes it is long, but “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.” (Thanks Mr. Sparks for that) You can skip over the parts like (this) since these are just personal comments that I’m making… and I’m quite a loquacious person so I ramble a lot.

BTW: I’m just being creative and just a bit satirical by making the whole thing seem like a play. It’s actually just to make it easier for you guys to read. I’m neither making fun of the incident (because it’s a very grave matter that needs to be addressed immediately) nor belittling it in any way, shape or form.


So let us begin with Act 1 Scene 1: The Hacking Incident

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Hi everyone and welcome to my personal wordpress blog, The Melodies of My Soul.

For those of you who don’t know me, I used to work as a Korean translator under the name jeeelim5 in various forums but I now translate as MelodiaMuse in

The purpose of this blog is to help keep the faith alive, because it’s nearing two years since this lawsuit began and a little more faith here and there doesn’t hurt.

Enjoy! and AKTF♥

The categories are as follows:

Fanfiction – Full list of Fanfiction
I’ll be translating a selection of Korean TVXQ fanfiction. This being said, I will not be translating any 19+ fanfiction. The ones I translate will not be about the members as couples, but they will be related to keeping the faith. If you have any suggestions for fanfiction in this genre, please e-mail me at with your suggestions.

Letters – Full list of Letters
If you have known me since my days as a translator for Tohosomnia, you will know of my Letters of the Day series. These are just letters that Cassiopeia have written to TVXQ and to Cassiopeia that I’ve translated from Korean to English. Though I can’t promise a letter every day, I’ll try to update as often as I can since I love these as much as the people who read these do.

Lyrics – Full list of Lyrics
I’ll be translating all lyrics for Korean TVXQ/JYJ songs. I plan to do it on a chronological order but I may jump around if I feel like it. I’ll also try to romanize the lyrics but I’m still a little shaky on that, so please bear with me :)

Random Babbling
At times, I’ll write personal opinions about matters pertaining to TVXQ on the blog. These will all go under this category.

Note from the Translator
All posts in this category will be announcement posts, such as this one.

Any independent projects I feel like taking on :)


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