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Happy birthday, Park Yoochun

2008. That was when I properly found out about you for the first time. Before then, I had not even the slighest interest in you but I began taking interest in you that year. I used to exist in a world that could be lived in without you, but ever since that day, I feel like my life would be so empty without you.

I sometimes marvel at how the sky, that I used to just pass by in the past, looks so pure and blue ever since I first met you. Just looking at the color of the sky reminds me of you, bright and pure, so I find myself enjoying the time I take to look up at the sky. I find myself smiling like a fool whenever I see anything with Mickey Mouse on it, and the number of such objects in my room increases though I never really liked Mickey Mouse in the past. What do I do when you affect my daily life in even the smallest of habits?

Now that I think about it, you have been changing my daily life and my future since that day. Before you came into my life, I knew I’d be living a future without you but now, I feel so awkward when you aren’t around, proving that you mean so much to me. Though it’s okay if you don’t know this, I hope, I just hope you can feel your importance. Though I may not be a person who can give you warm reassurances, I hope, I just hope that these feelings that I have for you can be the strength and drive that keeps you going when things get tought.

Even if no one recognizes this love I have, I wish that my words will give you the strength to get back on your feet when you want to give up everything, lonely and worn out from reality.

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