Hi everyone and welcome to my personal wordpress blog, The Melodies of My Soul.

For those of you who don’t know me, I used to work as a Korean translator under the name jeeelim5 in various forums but I now translate as MelodiaMuse in http://www.dongbangdata.net

The purpose of this blog is to help keep the faith alive, because it’s nearing two years since this lawsuit began and a little more faith here and there doesn’t hurt.

Enjoy! and AKTF♥

The categories are as follows:

Fanfiction – Full list of Fanfiction
I’ll be translating a selection of Korean TVXQ fanfiction. This being said, I will not be translating any 19+ fanfiction. The ones I translate will not be about the members as couples, but they will be related to keeping the faith. If you have any suggestions for fanfiction in this genre, please e-mail me at jeesoolim.11@gmail.com with your suggestions.

Letters – Full list of Letters
If you have known me since my days as a translator for Tohosomnia, you will know of my Letters of the Day series. These are just letters that Cassiopeia have written to TVXQ and to Cassiopeia that I’ve translated from Korean to English. Though I can’t promise a letter every day, I’ll try to update as often as I can since I love these as much as the people who read these do.

Lyrics – Full list of Lyrics
I’ll be translating all lyrics for Korean TVXQ/JYJ songs. I plan to do it on a chronological order but I may jump around if I feel like it. I’ll also try to romanize the lyrics but I’m still a little shaky on that, so please bear with me :)

Random Babbling
At times, I’ll write personal opinions about matters pertaining to TVXQ on the blog. These will all go under this category.

Note from the Translator
All posts in this category will be announcement posts, such as this one.

Any independent projects I feel like taking on :)