Dear God.

I pray that the road that lays ahead is no longer treacherous.
If it is, allow them to lean on each other and rely on one another,
For this is the one comfort that will help them overcome all.

I pray that they never look back and regret any action or word spoken,
For a life riddled with regrets and guilt is heavy and burdened.
Let their hearts stay pure and their determination strong.

I pray that they do not fall to the whispers of the dark.
Even when the notion of giving up becomes as sweet as the morning dew,
Fill them with the remembrance of the smallest of joys, never to be forgotten.

I pray that they are not tainted by what has become of us.
With nothing but despair and destruction left, only a small glimmer of hope,
Shield their eyes from the remnants of a once mighty family.

I pray that they realize that the glimmer of hope that remains,
Though frail, will not fall. When it seems like the world is against them,
Guide them to the hope that lives within them, and within us.

Finally, I pray that they are eating well, laughing and living.
Surrounded by loved ones and blessed with dreams so sweet,
No nightmares of what could have been and what has passed.

I pray, I pray and I pray.
For their safety, their health and their happiness.

Please, hear my prayers.